Iphone 6 preview

A new photo on a Chinese social network has appeared, possibly showing the retail packaging of Apple’s upcoming, cheaper plastic iPhone. On the packaging the name ‘iPhone 5C’ to see.
iphone 5 cPhoto: Nowhereelse.fr, reports AppleInsider Sunday, on the basis of a photograph that appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo. On the picture you can see. Container with a variety of plastic packaging store
Given the material of the packages seem to be the cheaper iPhone that Apple in the course of this year will bring. Reportedly on the market they are intended This would in fact have a plastic housing.
iPhone 6.
On the side of the packaging the name ‘iPhone 5C’, which shines – if the photo is authentic – could be the name of the new device. The ‘normal’, more expensive successor to the current iPhone 5 is expected to “iPhone 5S” called.
AppleInsider speculates that the “C” in the possible extension name for ‘color’ (English for ‘color’) state. The cheaper iPhone 5 is rumored to come on the market in various bright colors.

Although nothing has been confirmed about the iPhone 6 preview, going there for many rumors about the internet about the new specifications of the new iPhone 6 from Apple. Below we have compiled a list of the specifications that are now known by the rumors.
The specifications may therefore change. To stay well informed, we recommend to visit. Regularly you to this page


1.3.5 “, 4″ or 5 “format
2.IGZO display
storage:1:32, 64 and 128 GB
Powerful resistance:1.A7 processor (quad-core)
2.2GB ram
1.12 / 13 megapixel camera
2.Full HD 1080P filming / photographing
3.HD 720P front camera
5.Panorama function with extra long panorama field
6.ultra fast shooting
7.Dubbele LED flash
1.1560 mAh battery
1.iOS 7
Other specifications:
1.Kleuren: White and black, but also blue, green, orange / gold and pink.
2.Nog thinner than the iPhone 5 (5% thinner)
When we know more about the specifications, you will find that back to this page. We will also write regularly about new rumors we tell you more about the specifications and we put the pictures in there too, if we have about it.